01 November 2017

Oh My Fashion !!

Hey everyone! What are you guys up to lately? As for me, I’m trying to keep up my so-called ‘fashion sense’ up-to-date, as I’ve been watching a lot of pretty girls out there wearing really nice clothes. In doing so, I have a little bit of research on how to keep up with the prevailing bizarre fashion style, without going way over the top. And here’s the list;

1- Skincare
Being Asians, I know we could all relate to having this obsession of having fair complexion. (The fairer the merrier? Qu puteh…qu puteh..eh?) There is absolutely no harm in doing so, but to my opinion, it is best to actually embrace our skin tone, and try to perfect them without consuming different brands of products that claim to make our skin fairer in just 3 days or what not. I am not pin-pointing any product, but from what I have learnt, products with such capability usually contains large amount of mercury and sooner or later we will definitely be badly affected by it. So everyone, Google-up, and try to read reviews for any product that can correct our skin problems and start trying them today! If you are a person who loves using natural ingredients, there are tons of recipes that you can find. Ah! And also, I assure you, this is going to be a loooooong trial and error process, and please endure it until you find the perfect way.


2- Fashion Style
Well, this is the easiest part. Apart from keeping our body healthy, we also need to dress accordingly. By accordingly, I meant that the clothes we pick must flatter our figure without being too overboard. What I usually do is I roam around any social media for the latest OOTD everyone posted, evaluate them in my mind (are the clothes expensive, will the cutting suit my body figure, etc) and just go look it up on my favourite fashion portal, which is ZALORA ! to search for the latest in-trend clothes. I guarantee that this step is easy IF you have the money. (Money indeed is the thing that makes the world go round, right?). So, earn the money first, NEVER use credit cards, and then enjoy the life!

Some of you might be wondering ‘Why is make up not in the list? Are you against makeup too?’ Hohoho.. Not so fast, my dear. I do have makeup on, occasionally, but only for events or during the days that I am not super busy. What I do is watch the basic tutorials in any social media, and poof! Another fairy is born. Hahaha. Just kidding. So, if you have any other suggestions on fashion, do share them and don’t forget to visit ZALORA sometime, k? Till next time. Oh my fashion!!

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