12 March 2017

The Pisang Cheese

Salam and Hi all!

So finally, seorang Ajikah rajin nak update blog dia! Nothing much, I've been wanting to rant something here. I am actually tengah study untuk test tomorrow, but I cant stop the urge to stop and blog for a while. How's life? Life has been great. Okay I lied tho. I was okay, until two weeks ago. I have this kind of mixed feelings, which is hard to describe. At times, I would feel so damn freaking angry about nothing, and sometimes i cried without any valid reasons and I get annoyed easily. I dont speak that much nowadays sebab I rasa macam takde orang pun nak dengar apa yang I cakap. No one knows about this thing sebab I rasa kalau I cerita pun, orang lain takkan faham. How is that even possible! This is sooo not healthy. So If you guys ever had this kind of 'feelings' before, do let me know how to overcame this yea.

So by the way, is there any Pisang Cheese lover here? *Say yeay* !

You guys might want to check this 'The Pisang Cheese' by Kak P. I went to buy the pisang cheese yesterday and the topping was really really banyak gila menggunung. I was so excited and ate almost a whole box. lol.

So do not question my body weight please and check them out on instagram: @thepisangcheese . They even have delivery weh!

btw, this is not a paid advertisement. xoxo

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