23 March 2017

Movie review: ADIWIRAKU

Salam and hi all,

So today, I'd like to make a review on a movie entitled 'Adiwiraku'. Well it has actually been quite some time since I last watched movie. It was like three months ago when I watched ELOISE (and the movie sucks). So here we go.

It was an unplanned trip anyways. I accidentally read on Syamim's tweet where she said that she wanted to watch ' Adiwiraku'. I have always wanted to watch the movie cause one of my lecturer has recommended it during our virology class. Yes, my lecturer is swag. She said that instead of 'terperuk dalam bilik' and study all the time (which is not me, obviously), why not we sometimes go out and watch movies? So I, being an extremely obedient student went for the movie. Went to the movie with Syamim eventhough dia duduk UIA Gombak and kalau ikutkan, jauh jugak la nak menapak ke Mid-Valley tu. But she came anyways demi seorang Ajikah. And I am soo terharu okayh.

We entered the hall about 20 minutes late or something, but we still make it to the movie TOGETHER !

Filem: Adiwiraku
Terbitan: Sol Pictures Sdn. Bhd.
Edaran: Empire Film Solution
Pengarah: Eric Wong
Tarikh Tayangan: 9 Mac 2017
Genre: Drama
Pelakon: Sangeeta Krishnasamy, Xavier Fong, Adnin Zidane, Irdina Tasnim, Rizal Fahmi, Balqis Sani, Fara Safwan, Wan Azlyn (Darling) dan ramai lagi.
Sinopsis Adiwiraku:
Adiwiraku adalah berdasarkan kisah benar tentang perjuangan dan kejayaan dua guru Bahasa Inggeris dalam mendidik para pelajar di sebuah sekolah luar bandar di Kedah. Adiwiraku menghidupkan kisah bagaimana pelajar SMK Pinang Tunggal Sg Petani berusaha untuk menyertai pertandingan choral speaking walaupun telah diketahui peluang mereka untuk menang terlalu tipis.
Jangan lupa saksikan filem Adiwiraku yang telah pun ditayangkan dipawagam seluruh Malaysia pada 9 Mac 2017.

The title for the movie is 'ADIWIRAKU'. As you all know, I'm not really into Malay movies cause I think that most of them are nonsense or maybe they are just not my taste. But amazingly, Adiwiraku is the best Malay movie I ever watched! Okay, I wont be giving any spoiler cause I know that spoiler is a big NO.

I actually cried for the whole two hours cause the movie somehow makes me feel touched. Honestly, you guys can actually expect the story line. However, its how they deliver the story, makes you feel like you are one of the characters in it. I am not used cry over movies but maybe its because I'm currently emotionally unstable so I cried easily.

Its a small budget film, and even the kids who act in it are the local students from that school. They are not actors but they manage to deliver the film and message amazingly. Its not a cliche' movie about love between a man and woman and it is more like a reality. I'll give them 4.5 out of 5 stars ! and it is highly recommended.

Nah, lets have a sneak peek on the movie through the trailer!

p/s: Sorry for the bad writing. I rasa awkward gila sebab dah lama tak blogging. Anyways, It feels so great to have a blog, when I have no one to talk to, and no one to share my stories. Its tiring tho to cry every night, and to cry over little things.

Much love, Ajikah. xoxo

12 March 2017

The Pisang Cheese

Salam and Hi all!

So finally, seorang Ajikah rajin nak update blog dia! Nothing much, I've been wanting to rant something here. I am actually tengah study untuk test tomorrow, but I cant stop the urge to stop and blog for a while. How's life? Life has been great. Okay I lied tho. I was okay, until two weeks ago. I have this kind of mixed feelings, which is hard to describe. At times, I would feel so damn freaking angry about nothing, and sometimes i cried without any valid reasons and I get annoyed easily. I dont speak that much nowadays sebab I rasa macam takde orang pun nak dengar apa yang I cakap. No one knows about this thing sebab I rasa kalau I cerita pun, orang lain takkan faham. How is that even possible! This is sooo not healthy. So If you guys ever had this kind of 'feelings' before, do let me know how to overcame this yea.

So by the way, is there any Pisang Cheese lover here? *Say yeay* !

You guys might want to check this 'The Pisang Cheese' by Kak P. I went to buy the pisang cheese yesterday and the topping was really really banyak gila menggunung. I was so excited and ate almost a whole box. lol.

So do not question my body weight please and check them out on instagram: @thepisangcheese . They even have delivery weh!

btw, this is not a paid advertisement. xoxo