01 August 2016

SHRMZB: Eid 2016 Part 3

Salam and hi all,

It's been a while since my last post. Well actually takdelah buzy mana pun. Just doing this and that, kemas rumah, masak dan hidup macam biasa. Major reason for not writing a new entry is because I tengah gila tengok drama korea. Yup, I memang suka drama korea tapi I bukan kpopers. haaa gitu. Oh well, I've been watching this 'Reply 1994' series since last week dan sekarang dah sampai episode 14. wuhuuu, tak sabar nak tengok sampai habis and get a life (penat uih lepak depan laptop).

Yes, this drama series is highly recommended *thumbs up*.

Other than that, nothing much. I went for the second raya trip with friends on last Saturday.(Raya kan sebulan)

Member since darjah tiga. sampai sekarang dok raya sama2 lagi. thank you gurls

We used to be all that comot but now semua dah besar and glamour macam mak datin *rolled eyes*

Next, I went to Watsons and Sasa last week and guess what. SALE ! Grabbed few items on the rack and having no regrets at all. And now I am officially broke

make-up brushes, mascara, compact powder, blusher, pure swiss water
Not in the picture, I've bought GoodVirtuesCo.'s Shampoo and conditioner. 

On the next post, I'll be writing reviews of some of these products. So which one do you want first? *smiles*


  1. seronoknya dpt beraya ngan kawan2

  2. Review all the items please hazy hehe

  3. I am eyeing the brushes tho! What is the brand? Please write a review about it. Hihi. I am going to make a make-up tutorial later once i am free, aite? :)

  4. dik, pure swiss water tu gunanya utk ape dik? selalu akak nampak kat kedai tp tak paham gunanya hihih

  5. Please review all of them. I would like to know more about each products that you bought :)