05 August 2016

Review: Volume Express Hypercurl Mascara

Salam and hi all,

Mascara is one of the makeup tools that helps to enhance the eyes. Some of us might have short lashes and we commonly used this mascara to darken, thicken and of course to lengthen the eyelashes.

I first discover the Volume Express Hypercurl Mascara by Maybelline through the ads on television. It claims to lock lashes at over 100-degrees for up to 24-hours. 4X the curl, 13X the volume and no curlers needed! I mean, how great is that! And of course, it is waterproof.

On last two weeks, I went to Watsons and Sasa just to look around without having the intentions to buy anything but unfortunately I saw this mascara on Sale. I have been eyeing the mascara for sooo long. How can I not buy this (cries). So I did bought this mascara on sale at RM 22.00/+ (can't remember the exact price) and the original price was RM27.00/+ .

So here we go.

Black bottle with the caps in purple. It is sooo damn attractive 

This is how it looks on the inside. The Curly brush that helps to curl your lashes.
What I really like about the mascara?

1. It really does add the volume to my lashes! 
2. It also curls my lashes without me using any curlers. 
3. It is just perfect as I don't really like to use eyeliners and applying this mascara is enough to enhance my eyes. 
4. It doesn't smudge all over my eyes because its waterproof.
5. The packaging is cute.
6. It doesn't feel heavy on my eyes.
7. Its affordable 

What I dont like about the mascara

1. Its a little bit clumpy (but I can fix it by using cotton buds).
2. The curl on the brush makes it hard for me to apply on my lower lashes.

google image

I'm going to rate this 4 out of 5.

See you in the next post. xoxo


  1. wow. macam best je nie. nak try la :D

  2. wuuuuu macam syiokk. tapi seriusly tak reti pakai mascara. kalau pakai msti comot cam drakula punya mata.
    followed here #233
    kalau sudi follow back and keep in touch <3

  3. I've never used this Mascara yet.Usually I use Mascara fron Essence and Silkygirl.
    I would like to try this one I think.

  4. try MB volume rocket (kaler electric blue) tak clump, smooth cm natural lashes gitu, heheh