02 May 2016

Oh My Coat

Assalamualaikum, dunia!! ‘Ssupp, people? Sis sebenarnya baru lepas habis tgk DOTS, and I suddenly got the urge to write about coats. Huhu. Tetiba sangat kan? Tapi, yeah. Tgk Koreans pakai coats dalam movies mcm tu, I got inspired to write on the need to get the perfect coat.

I know, I know.” Kita kat Malaysia”, “who would wear those outerwear, el Nino kot” and banyak lagi other  opinions or comments on this, but to be honest, these coats be it trench coat, blazer, leather jacket or even denim jacket can add a stylish touch for our outfit J But bear in mind, we need to consider the place we are heading to, to avoid complications. Mcm heat stroke. Sis tak nakla lepas baca blog sis, ramai2 pakat pakai coat pegi berkawad tgh panas.. Ah sudahhh.. jenuh sis nak menjawab kat family korg nanti.

Anyways, in cooler days or in events that require us women to be elegant yet stylish and proper, these coats can instantly put an edge and make our outfit look stylish, even with the plain innerwear. The question that is crucial to be answered in this matter is on how to get the perfect coat? Seriously girls, just because we see some actresses look good in that particular coat, it doesn’t mean that we will look good in it too. I mean, all actresses look good on tv. Kalau x, siapa yg nk tgk diorg, kan? Huhuhu
The thing is, getting the right coat is crucial as it can work as a quick fix by balncing our body figure. Kalau pilih dgn betul, boleh Nampak kurus and cantik, uolls. Haha. I have seen it where women wear ill-fitting outer wear, and teenagers wearing the coats not of their sizes, making them look a little bit off. To me, coats are an important fashion piece for our wardrobe for creating  a fabulous first Impression, especially when going for an interview. Mana tau, sbb pakai coat yg matching, terus dapat kerja. Kan best, macam tu? So, in getting the perfect coat, we need to know the basic guidelines on how to dress according to our body shape, and we will find our later that it is easy to find the perfect one. Kita kena explore bentuk badan kita sendiri, but homework sikit (pegi semua kedai kat Malaysia, try semua jenis coat. Try je tau. Pekerja kedai tak akan marah punyalah). Cari yg colour dia sesuai, material yang ok, and kalau boleh, focus on quality and its versatility, supaya coat tu boleh pakai pegi banyak tempat, at any place, supaya it won’t be a pice that can only be worn once in the whole year. J

Having said that, I wish that all of the girls out there is also inspired in getting the perfect coat for yourselves, and see the new stylish you in those gorgeous coats very soon. Happy shopping, everyone!

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  1. Bila tengok segala coats dekat sini, semua pun cantik-cantik dan buat teringin nak beli. Tapi, selalu takde size sebab kita ni gemuk T___T