14 April 2016


Salam and Hi everyone!

Yeah I know that I haven't posted any entry on this year. yet  -.- But believe me, I'm an active reader just that I was soooo lazy to leave a comment. ahaks

Okaylah. After all, life is okay. oh no. I lied! I've been stressing out over my studies ( of course). Kenapa sem ni hectic sangat weh. I've got bunch of group assignments! Faham-faham jelah kalau buat group assignment kan payah sikit. *emoji nangis* Ada yang taknak buat kerja, ada yang ignorant and ada yang taknak terima cadangan. hewhew

Apa yang aku nak highlightkan kat sini, I've learnt a lot! By doing assignments, group work or college programs that require you to meet lots of people is challenging. Kat sini la baru tau and jumpa pelbagai jenis manusia. Macam-macam perangai pun ada! All you have to do is sabar and try to handle 'that kind of people' in a right way.

About my personal life pulak la eh. I'm currently enjoying my mid-sem break which is only one week. Nothing much. Just that in two weeks ahead, there'll be a college dinner. And i am going to be one of the AJK's. Masa dinner tu nanti, I tak dapat meja, and tak dapat enjoy makan. sobsob. Rasa macam nak pakai tshirt je pun ada >.<'

By the way, have you guys watch Descendant of The Sun(DOTS) ??? This is the most amah-zink drama I ever watched! Setakat ni lah, sebab tak habis tayang pun lagi. Main actor: Song Joong Ki (which is my favorite). Sejak keluar army, makin tough pulak si Joongki ni .

I'll be updating more soon. kalau rajin lah . adios amigos everyone!

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  1. Hi Hazy, do write more often. Miss your rambling :)