19 September 2015

First Step #2

Salam all,

FYI, aku amik course microbiology. teeheee( sebab lupa nak cakap before this)

So harini aku sambung cerita on my first day of kuliah. Alhamdulillah with the help of new friends, I managed to arrived at the lecture hall pretty early. Yelah, fakulti kemain besar nak cari kelas pun payah. Nasib baik first semester ni dekat fakulti yang sama je. Everything went well, core subjects classes cuma 50 minutes je so can be quite acceptable. Maklumlah, nak belajar biology kalau dah sampai dua tiga jam tu memang impossible lah.

Lecturer so far semua okay and okay and okay.

There would be one with 'romantic' voice but hey, the lecturer is really good. The other one with (you know that intonation people use when they're reading books?) That's it.

Next was enterprenuership class for two hours which is somehow make me feel sleepy.

For my first semester, I've only taken 18 credit hours . not that much huh

Lots of things to share but maybe next time?



  1. tahniah hazy ! goodluck and kipidap :)

  2. Sedih sikitlah kalau ada prof yang mengajar macam baca textbook.

  3. Tahniah... All da best ! Hehhehe
    Part macam baca buku text tuu lawak :P Saba jer laa.