03 March 2015


salam uolls.

It has been tiring semester for me.
I have been stressing over my studies past few weeks.
And my test 1 result is soooo disappointing.
My hipothesis of " kesedaran datang lepas test 1 " can be applied though.
I'm tryin' hard to be positive and try harder. Coz test 2 is around the corner and final is at the junction beside the corner. lol.
banyak lagi nak cover and i'm sooo dried. haha. This is the perks of being a student. isn't it?

oh. nak congratulate my juniors in SAMURA for you guys punya result. This is only the beginning. Tunggu masuk U macam akak korang ni. Lagi penat nak kejar markah. haha. So be proud of your result !

One of my friends said that I 'lupa kawan' coz I didn't make an effort to keep in touch. duh, takkan expect aku whatsapp tiap2 minggu? kita sama-sama student kan? Buzy kemain.
By the way, why didn't you ever text me first? haha.

bagi aku, kawan ialah kawan. I wont be clingy and text you tetiap hari. Just to let you know, i'm here when you need me =)

things and shit happens all the time.

doakan iolls tabah yer people :'>