24 February 2018

Hanbing Bingsu- Yay nor Nay?

Asalamualaikum and Hi everyone!

I am back to writing, again! So let's go straight to our topic today which is review on Hanbing Bingsu! If you guys didn't know what Bingsu is, its actually some kind of Korean shaved ice and it's more or less like ABC in Malaysia. I mean like, it not exactly same as ABC, cuz it does taste different (tastier) it's just that its a SHAVED ICE.

Hanbing Bingsu is actually a cafe that sells Bingsu and Korean dishes. Oh wait, is it a restaurant or a cafe? Hmmm. Oh well, I'll figure that out later ya. So if you guys are wondering how the Bingsu looks like, I'll show you down below.

Went to the cafe with another 4 friends!

This is my second visit with my sibs.

How is it? Does it look yummy to you? Its obviously looks yummy to me. Hahaha. Hanbing Bingsu actually offers you few types of Bingsu. Let's look at the menu down below

Image taken from Hanbing Bingsu

Image taken from: Hanbing Bingsu

First of all, I must say that I had only tasted Mango Snow Ice. So my review is basically on Mango Snow Ice only. As you can see from the picture, the ice is not made up of plain water. It's actually made of some kind of milk. I can surely taste the milk. Despite the fact that I don't like milk, I do enjoy the shaved ice! The taste is very rich and if I were to exaggerate, I'd say that its a dream come true! The serving size is quite large. You can actually share a bowl of the bingsu with another three-person and it only applies if you don't eat that much.  If not, you can order for another bowl okay people. hahaha

What I like the most is that they gave you plenty of Mango cubes! As you can see in the picture, large Mango cubes are stuffed on the surface of the ice. But you know what, there are more mango cubes inside the shaved ice! So you don't have to fight to get the mango cubes.

As of the price, I honestly think that it's quite expensive. A bowl of shaved ice for RM20++ is obviously not cheap. That's why I had only gone to the cafe twice! hahaha. However, I do think that you can try this out because the taste of the shaved ice will not let you down. P/s: Bring your friends along so that you can share the bingsu.

Next, the cafe environment itself is very comforting. It has nice decoration and of course, it's an Instagram friendly place where you can take nice pictures. You can also get free plain water there! The waiters are super duper nice and they treat customers nicely.

Oh, before I forget. Hanbing Bingsu also had Korean dishes on their menu! These are what my friends and I had.

I can't remember the name, but the price is probably cheaper than Dubuyo.

They do have few branches which are located in Bangsar, Subang Jaya, and Putrajaya. For more information, you can check on their website here =)

So what do you guys think? Will you go to Hanbing Bingsu?

Disclaimer: This is not a paid review.

p/s: do you know any other places that sell delicious bingsu at a cheaper price? please comment down below <3

11 February 2018

Umrah dan Ziarah Part 1

Asalamualaikum and hai everyone!

How are you guys? I hope you are all good and enjoy your life =)

So on this post, I'll be sharing about my trip for Ziarah and Umrah.
My family and I went for our Ziarah and Umrah during last Ramadhan until Hari Raya Aidilfitri. It was really great and certainly a journey that I would never forget, Alhamdulillah. My family and I had the chance perform our Umrah and ziarah together. We departed to Madinah few days before Hari Raya Aidilfitri, which is in the Holy Month of Ramadhan. We went to visit Madinah before proceed for Umrah in Makkah.

At the airport, waiting for our flight! 

June 21st 2017

The flight was at 2.15pm *Malaysian time* and we were all fasting *cause its Ramadhan k people*. I can't really remember how long was the flight but its approximately 9 hours. But here is the thing. The flight attendants were distributing the meal but we were all ragu-ragu either nak berbuka ataupun tidak. Dalam tengah berfikir tu, flight attendant tu pun berlalu pergi. However, my little brothers took the meal and itadakimasu! mereka berbuka puasa dan makan! Sebab memang sepatutnya boleh berbuka sebab kan tengah bermusafir. Yang tak puas hati tu dorang nak BERBUKA TAK AJAK KAKAK DIA SEKALI ! At the end, yang tak amik meal tu berbuka ikut masa Riyadh (transit kejap). So kiranya haritu puasa 19 jam. Alhamdulillah, everything went well dan berbuka puasa juga akhirnya.

Arrived at Madinah during the night time (yasss I can't remember the exact time. pardon me people) Macam biasa, pergi kaunter immigration, pick up luggage dan keluar sebab ada bas tunggu kat luar. I took my first step outside and suddenly I was hit by the hot air which I thought coming from the exhaust of the busses. Macam kena blow dengan hari dryer. But I was wrong! Suhu di Madinah pada waktu itu, sewaktu bulan June which is summer, sememangnya tinggi which is more than 40 degree Celcius. We went on the bus to go to Tanah Haram and check in hotel untuk rehat. FYI, when we first arrived in Madinah, we stayed at Hotel Madinah Al Waha and moved to Hotel Madinah An Noor after few days. The hotel was really really really comfortable.

On the next day, the tour guide (mutawif) brought us for Ziarah in the area within Masjid Nabawi. which includes Raudhah. It was scorching hot and there were so many people in Masjid Nabawi. It was really packed with people since it was Ramadhan.

Masjid Nabawi was packed people, and you can barely get a place to pray in the masjid. So you have to be able to squeeze yourself untuk solat fardhu berjemaah di dalam masjid. huhu. After all, it was great!

It was like three or four days before Hari Raya Aidilfitri so we break-fast at the hotel. The food was really good tho. Especially air mangga dia memang sedap gila k! Tapi I takde ambil gambar makanan sebab kat sana tak teringat langsung ada handphone sebab memang tak ada beli simcard and fully depended on hotrel's wifi. Itu pun susah nak dapat.

Lepas berbuka, solat Maghrib dan bersiap untuk ke masjid untuk solat isyak dan solat Terawih. Honestly, you gotta be quick to masjid untuk solat isyak sebab kalau lambat memang solat dekat dataran je sebab masjid penuh.

Ini gambar sebelum solat Isyak di Masjid Nabawi (bahagian dataran). Kat dataran pun penuh tau.
Lepas solat terawih, bolehlah jalan-jalan dekat kawasan kedai-kedai kat luar tu. Nak shopping ke apa ke.

What's good? Malam2 makan aiskrim. Aiskrim kat sana sedap!

On my next post, I'll be sharing about Ziarah places outside Masjid Nabawi okay people! Thank you for reading xoxo