08 January 2017

New Year

Salam and Hi all,

So how is life? New year, new thing and new resolution isn't it?

'HAPPY NEW YEAR' to every each of you eventhough its already the 8th January. 

It has been few months since I posted my last post so here we go. Lets sum up my third semester of Degree. Eh wait. Why did I even write in English? Gahaha. Well I decided to write up this post sebab ada few people merindui iolls and wanted me to rant here about 'ME'. Wow, it feels great to have you guys, yang sudi baca all those silly things that i wrote. fuhhhh.

So here we go *sambil buka phone gallery*. A new semester, new things to learn. Six core subjects, six labs, six lab reports and urmmm seven papers for finals (sebab i ambil another elective subject). Tambah tolak darab bahagi, dapatlah 21 credit hours. And I dont know why the hell did i even took seven papers for the third semester. Started out our lab, with minimal knowledge. We didn't even know micropipette tu wujud *cries*. Belajar nak ternak microbs, buat agar (bukan agar2 jelly untuk makan tau gais), and all those lab stuffs yang sangat menyeronokkan. Kena masuk lab walaupun patutnya haritu takde lab and kena keluar lab lambat selagi tak siap lab. Kena repeat berpuluh2 kali staining sampai tangan warna merah biru hijau oren. It was fun. really ;)

Let's move on to the part bila I tak ada member dekat kolej sebab member rapat i dah pergi exchange programme kat korea and few dah pindah kolej. I mean it's not like i don't have friends at all, but i am that kind of girl that sticks to just few people yang i selesa. Not that kind of people yang boleh banyak cakap dengan semua orang. (Yes, i tak banyak cakap dengan orang yang i tak biasa) End up selalu terperuk dalam bilik, and makan pun ikut mood. Biasanya bungkus je sebab takde member nak teman makan -.-  (yup, totally a loner). And this semester I tak bawa kereta jadi malas nak gerak keluar cari angin cari member cari kehidupan. Spent most of my time sleeping.

Started to get more and more buzy, bila kena arrange dinner dengan my coursemates. Fikir duit, tempat, transport, duit lagi. But thank God, everything went well (err, i hope so). It was a good experience, working with bunches of people. 

Oh by the way, my sister has graduated from UNIMAS !! I actually had the chance to go to SARAWAK and it was super duper awesome. I mean the place, and food of course. Ada few things yang menarik during the trip. But maybe next time.

But things started to go wrong at the end of the semester. Too much assignments, too much lab reports, too much tests. I jadi stress gila2 and started to skip some classes. I taknak belajar, and all I did was sleeping. Completed all assignments and reports tapi I tak study and revise anything. (please jangan tiru aksi berbahaya ini). Things was dragged sampai study week till one point I can't even read. I rasa everything, yang berlampu buat i rasa pening. I can't read especially at night ( I was at my hostel tho). At the end, I decide nak balik lepak kat rumah for the whole week. Dah rehat for a week, then I boleh study semula. SO CERITA DIA SEKARANG NI MEMANG SEMUA BENDA LAST MINUTE LA KAN. Lepastu tengah2 finals tu pulak iolls demam sebab musim hujan so sejuk sangat and bila terkena tempias hujan memang confim terus demam. I did my finals poorly and I mean it. I might as well repeat some papers but its okay. No regrets. 

Summing up my third semester, 
' I should try to manage my time better. JANGAN STUDY LAST MINUTE. Rajin2kanlah diri pergi jogging. RAJIN2 LA MAKAN UBAT KALAU DEMAM WALAUPUN TAKDE ORANG SURUH. rajin2 lah study. gahaha. AND JANGAN LUPA HAVE FUN TOO'.

new year resolution? maybe next time.


p/s: so cuti ni nak buat apa gais?

28 September 2016

Hectic Life

Salam and hi all.

Sorry. I am currently in a state where I don't have time to blog or even my own life. Life is hectic, and I am still trying to adapt with that.